runners with reflective elements

Daylight saving time has now ended in Norway and we are moving towards shorter days and longer nights. Be sure to make yourself and your loved ones clearly visible in the dark when you go walking, jogging, cycling.

  • Wear reflective vests.
  • Put on reflective elements on your wrists, arms, head, ankles, bags, etc.
  • Don a headlamp.
  • Wear clothes or use accessories with reflective elements.
  • LED leash and collar for dogs
  • Equip your bicycle with reflective elements and lamps.

Extra tips

  • Reflective elements which dangle/move around, when you are in motion, are more effective in increasing your visibility.
  • Reflective elements should hang around your knee level in order to reflect light from vehicle headlamps.
  • Use several reflective elements so you can be seen from different angles.
  • Scratches decrease the effectiveness of your reflective elements, so be sure to replace them when necessary.

Stay safe and be seen!