Deichmanske Bibliotek / Oslo Public Library
The library serves the county of Oslo and is Norway´s largest public library. Its services are available for everyone – individuals, institutions, students in the public school system and at the university level, the business community, and public administration.


Asker Bibliotek


Bærum Bibliotek
Bærum library is the people’s library of the municipility. The library has over a hundred years of history. Today, the library is one of Norway’s largest and most visited. Its customers are mostly inhabitants of Bærum but the entire nation utilises library services from Bærum.

Bærum library has 5 locations in the municipility. The main library is located at Bekkestua and the branch libraries at Eiksmarka, Høvik, Rykkinn and Sandvika.


Drammens Bibliotek
The idea behind the Drammen Library, is that the public gets their library needs taken care of in one library. By combining Drammen library, Buskerud library og library of the University College in Buskerud, the library also offers a much wider range of collections to its users.


Kongsberg Bibliotek


Skedsmo Bibliotek