We work exclusively on behalf of corporate clients and their employees to find the best suitable home. We perform home search and recommend properties that meet the needs of the employee and corporate policies and budgets. We accompany all viewings and negotiate the lowest possible price on our clients’ behalf.

The Norwegian property market is fast moving and requires quick action and formal handling of offer and accept. We set up the lease contract, connect utilities and give moving-in assistance which includes home check reports. We can offer buying services too and our knowledge of the local markets is an important asset in both cases. We are not affiliated with any estate agencies and receives no introductory commissions. Relocation AS is an independent destination service provider who represents the tenant’s or the buyer’s interests.

Norway has 5 million inhabitants. The population and size of the biggest cities Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger are compared to small towns in other countries. The rental market mirrors this picture. The supply of normal to high standard rental properties in the cities is fairly good, but the exclusive market is limited. Investments in buy-to-let properties is limited due to high property prices, taxes and instable interest rate.

Norwegian houses vary in size, style and layout. Bungalow types are very rare, so expect 2 or 3 floors. A normal size of a 4 bedroom house with 2 baths is 200 sqm. A master bedroom is 14 sqm. A family’s activities normally take place in the living room or kitchen area. An average size on a 2 bedroom flat is 80 sqm.  Most homes are heated electrically and therefore the developed standards to minimize electric hazards are strickter than those of other countries. Gas is not common in homes. Most rental accommodation comes with the white goods.

We provide a standard lease agreement for our clients and moving-in assistance. The two legal parties in a Norwegian rental agreement will be the house owner and the company/employee.