We assist HR personnel in the process of coordinating the employee’s shipment from the present location to delivery in Norway. Based on corporate moving policy, we review quotes and select the appropriate removal company in close dialogue with all parties. We also advice on what to bring and what to leave behind and requirements for bringing pets.

It is important to consider the amount and type of furniture you are bringing to Norway. In general, Norwegian houses are small and large bedroom suites and sitting room furniture can be difficult to place. Having to turn down your dream house or apartment just because you are unable to fit all your furniture in it can easily be avoided if you leave some larger things behind for more flexibility.

If you are bringing your pets, contact your local vet in advance and make sure that your pet has received all necessary vaccinations. In addition, all pets must have a chip identity marking. What additional regulations apply depends on your country of origin.

Importing cars to Norway is both costly and complicated. Cars are considered luxury items and are heavily taxed. Imported cars must have this tax paid on arrival in Norway and the amount is calculated according to acquisition price, age, volume etc. Taking your car with you is not necessarily the cheapest option.