Immigration forms the foundation of employee mobility and global recruitment. Sending employees to Norway quickly, legally and economically is a challenge to any HR professional. It calls for individual handling in the pre-move stage and knowledge about the immigration formalities and procedures in the welcoming country. We advice, identify and collect supporting documentation, review and track the application with the Immigration authorities. The employee and family are looked after and corporate interests are represented in the best possible way by our experienced team.

Residence permits are required for all foreigners living and working in Norway. The term ‘work permit’ has been replaced by – and is included in – the residence permit. Norway is part of the Schengen state cooperation, but is not a member of the European Union. The Norwegian Immigration Act, Regulations and Policies are complex and procedures and documentation very strict. Originally verified documents and certificates must be translated to English and authorized.

The immigration police require personal appearance upon arrival in Norway. Our team will escort your employees and their families to ensure that all formalities are met.

As a general rule all applications for family reunion must be submitted in person to the closest Norwegian Embassy or General Consulate in the home country or in the country the family have held residence for the last six months. Originally verified documents and certificates must be presented.

A residence permit must be granted for the reference person before the family reunion applications can be processed.

Many foreign citizens need a visa to travel to Norway. The Schengen states have joint guidelines on how to process visa applications. The purpose of the stay in Norway will determine which visa to apply for. The Immigration authorities may reject an application if it fails to meet the requirements.