An orientation program is designated to help beat the impact of the culture shock and to grow accustomed to Norway society and culture. It can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your employee and family. An orientation program can be provided during a look-see trip or after settling in. We can include finding day care and schooling, give advice on requirements for a driving license, supply on special needs for social/health care services. Contact to different expat associations,  integration programs and networks can also be arranged.

A pre-move visit’s purpose may be to get an area orientation, find permanent housing, to sign up with the school or simply a trip to decide to accept an assignment.  An orientation after settling can be to assist the the employee and family to get their daily life organized. All programs are tailored to meet the needs of relocating employee and family and corporate policies.

All assignees and their families moving to Norway with our assistance get access to a web site providing important information for the integration in Norway. Your employees need to get a smooth start in Norway in order to be productive in their work as soon as possible.