Day-to-day administration combined with our own helpline for tenants is designed to ensure that formalities and practical issues after moving in are handled in a professional way. The Norwegian Tenancy Act regulates all lease contracts and our knowledge in this field allows us to give expert advice on responsibility issues and to prevent misunderstandings and complications.

A tenancy program starts after moving in and lasts throughout the lease period. It includes helpline, responsibility and maintenance advice, rent adjustments, renegotiations and extensions. A helpline for support on-demand is a limited service for a shorter period of time.

A comprehensive tenancy program can include a payment management scheme. All financial liabilities connected to the leased property can be paid and invoiced once a month, followed by a coded spreadsheet according to corporate specifications. All vouchers are checked, approved and subject to audit work. Payment handling minimizes overhead costs for our clients.

Tenancy and payment administration are tailored to our client’s corporate policies.