Relocation AS was established in 1996 in Stavanger, Norway as a destination service provider for corporate employee relocations. Our headquarters are in Stavanger; with offices in Oslo and Bergen. We offer our services across the whole of Norway and beyond.

Relocation’s customers include companies from a wide range of businesses and trades. We are Norway’s largest relocation company and are involved in activities throughout the country. As an independent company, our strengths are in meeting the challenges of constant change.

Most of Relocation’s employees have experienced what it is like to live and work in a different country. Having first hand knowledge of the emotional and practical challenges connected with settling in a new culture is one of our highly valuable assets.

We have legal expertise and estate agents within the company, as well as employees with experience from HR-departments in international companies. The combination of such relevant and varied backgrounds makes us a reliable and resourceful partner for our customers and a professional aid in the integration of foreign workers.

Resolving all practical issues

for foreign workers and their families in Norway.

Innovation and Technology

Technology plays an important role in the administration of our services to clients. All operations and service processes are managed through STRONG, our relocation management system. Our HR and Assignee login offers secure service initiations, registration of personal details and upload of confidential documents and access to reports. The system facilitates communication, productivity and flexibility internally and with our clients. Because of our system, we have been able to demonstrate significant cost reductions for our clients and improve our cost-effectiveness and competitiveness on the market.

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