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Appointment of new CEO

Message from Gaute Sømme Dear all, I am delighted to announce that Cynthia Myrnes has accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer of Relocation AS. Originally from Singapore, Cynthia relocated to Stavanger 12 years ago. She joined our team in 2012 and has worked and developed various areas within the company – from housing and immigration …

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New EU Visa Rules – February 2020

The European Union is among the world’s leading tourist and business destinations – in 2018 alone, over 14 million Schengen visas were issued to travellers visiting Europe. With new rules on short-stay visas applying worldwide as of 2 February 2020, it is now easier for legitimate travellers to visit the European Union for tourism or …

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Utleie av bolig under ONS 2020

Til private boligutleiere i Stavanger, ONS 2020 begynner å nærme seg, og vi ønsker herved å komme i kontakt med private boligutleiere som vil gjerne leie ut boligen til ONS arrangementet. Stavanger Forum som teknisk arrangør av ONS arrangementet har for ONS 2020 valgt å styrke sin utleiesatsning på bolig ved å inngå partnerskap med …

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