Christmas Gift to School Support Laos

As is our yearly tradition, Relocation AS donates to a charity each December. This year, we have chosen once again to give a Christmas gift to School Support Laos.

What does School Support Laos do?

SSL is a humanitary organization that helps children in poverty to get an education, in the province of Savannakhet. Once a year, SSL hands out a “school-package” containing school-supplies and school-clothing for a whole year.

In addition to this, SSL educates teachers at the university in the city of Savannakhet. The teachers-in-training come from villages from the mountainous areas where there is a general lack of elementary teachers. SSL gives them a three year education, which also gives them good English proficiency.

SSL is a private organization without public or state support, so it depends on support from people who want to support their work. SSL is a small organization and every contribution is accepted with great appreciation.