Covid-19 Status Update for Norway

Status in Norway: Real time information on current numbers here.

**updated 07.05.2021**

Borders remain closed
The Norwegian government has shared information on how the reopening of Norway will be planned. A final date for the reopening of the borders has not been shared. The prime minister of Norway flagged very clearly that this planning is pending the development of COVID-19 and the speed of vaccinating in Norway. A new update is expected in a few weeks.

For more general information please click here. More detailed information on the current exceptions to the entry restrictions, can be found here and here.

Mandatory entry registration before arrival
Before arrival to Norway, everyone must complete an online registration form to confirm their quarantine accommodation.

Negative COVID-19 test result upon arrival to Norway
All travelers, including Norwegian citizens and current residents, from areas with a quarantine obligation, must present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival to Norway. The test must have been taken in the preceding 24 hours of arrival. If one does not present such a test, he/she may be refused entry to Norway and/or be fined. Comprehensive information can be found here.

If you are transiting through other countries to reach Norway, please be sure to be updated on the rules and regulations for those countries.

Mandatory rapid antigen test at a border crossing upon arrival to Norway
Everyone who arrives in Norway, including Norwegian citizens and residents, from areas with a quarantine obligation must test for COVID-19 at the border crossing. From April 1, people must wait for the test results before they can enter Norway. Those who leave the test station before the result is ready, risk being fined.

Everyone who has been to the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Brazil must undergo a PCR test at the Norwegian border. Comprehensive information can be found here.

Mandatory 10 days quarantine after arrival
From May 9, 2021, everyone returning to Norway after having been outside the EU/EOS/Schengen area must stay at a quarantine hotel for the entire duration of the quarantine. All previous exceptions to this rule for these travellers have been revoked. For travelers inside the EU/EOS/Schengen the old rules still apply. Comprehensive information can be found here.

Please be aware that, in general, the 10 days quarantine must be completed in the city of arrival to Norway even if this is not the end destination. Direct flights to the end destination in Norway are therefore strongly advised. Please be aware that violation of the quarantine duty is seen as a criminal offence in Norway.

Mandatory facemasks and social distancing
It is now compulsory for all visitors to all Service Centre’s for Foreign Workers (SUA), Tax Offices and Immigration Offices to wear a facemask before entry is allowed.

In situations where previously a one-meter distance had to be maintained, now a two-meter distance is recommended.

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