State Insurance

National Insurance Scheme
Membership in the National Insurance Scheme is the key to eligibility for rights to services from NAV. In Norway, your membership can be based on residence or employment.

Private Insurance

There are many different types of insurance one can buy in Norway. Below are some of the most common:

  • Personal Insurance (personforsikring)
  • Housing Insurance (husforsikring)
  • Contents Insurance (innboforsikring)
  • Car Insurance (bilforsikring)
  • Life Insurance (livforsikring)
  • Travel Insurance (reiseforsikring)
  • Boat Insurance (båtforsikring)
  • Cabin Insurance (hytteforsikring)
  • Pet Insurance (kjæledyrforsikring, hund og katt forsikring)
  • Health Insurance (helseforsikring)
  • Child Insurance (barneforsikring)

Do note that you should purchase contents insurance (innboforsikring) for your personal belongings in your rental property. Your landlord is not responsible for your personal items.

Insurance Providers

Note that the costs of insurance differ from company to company so it is worth getting quotes from several companies before deciding on one. Also, check with your company’s HR department regarding insurance. There might be some employee discounts tied to one or more insurance companies. Note that buying several insurance policies from one company might work out to be cheaper than buying them separately from different companies.