Electronic ID

Electronic ID gives you access to online public services that allows you to:

  • use online public services
  • submit public service application forms and data
  • access your personal data stored in public registers

Some examples of such online-based services from central and local government are:

  • changing your name and address in the National Population Registry
  • applying for or changing your tax card
  • notifying a change of address to Posten (the Post Office)
  • finding the name and contact information for your assigned doctor
  • changing your assigned doctor
  • ordering a health insurance card
  • viewing details of your expected pension
  • applying for or viewing information about any loan or grant you might have with the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
  • viewing your status as a job seeker
  • finding information about property you own
  • reading, correcting and filing your tax return

Online public services give you safe access to communicate with government entities. Over 3 million citizens currently use electronic ID to communicate quickly, safely and securely with central and local government.

* Many of these services are available in Norwegian only.


You can choose between five electronic ID alternatives when you want to log in to public services.

  • MinID
  • BankID
  • BankID on mobile
  • BuypassID
  • Commfides

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