National Registry (Folkeregister)

The Tax Administration of Norway (Skatteetaten) is responsible for a complete and updated population register. The National Register includes key information on all people who are or have been resident in Norway. If you intend to live in Norway for more than 6 months, this is one of your first stops.

The registry is the basis for the tax census, electoral roll and population statistics. A proper registry is a prerequisite for all citizens to receive information from public authorities, and that their rights and obligations are met.

Both public and private entities use data from the National Registry. Access is limited.

The National Register records information on, among other things:

  • births, name selection, paternity and parental responsibility
  • immigration and emigration
  • changes in marital status
  • deaths
  • name changes
  • citizenship

Who uses information from the National Register?

  • Tax Administration (Skatteetaten)
  • Election authorities
  • Other state bodies, such as NAV, Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), Defence, Loan Fund, Public Roads Administration, police, fire and ambulance.
  • Statistics Norway (SSB)
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Various employers
  • Researchers
  • Private organizations and individuals

Do note that the National Register is not a searchable register of personal and address information.

Sign Up as an Online User

As an online user you can communicate with the public authorities and receive information, no matter where you are.

You will be notified by text message or e-mail when your tax return or tax settlement is ready, and other important information sent from the public offices.
More information here.

Reporting a Move within Norway

Everyone who moves house in Norway is obliged to report their change of address to a tax office within 8 days of moving.

Reporting a postal address in Norway or abroad

It is important to notify the Norwegian Tax Administration of the address at which you receive post. You must also notify Norway Post if you have a new postal address in Norway.

Reporting a Move from Norway

You must notify the tax office in Norway if you intend to leave Norway to go to a country outside the Nordic countries. If you are moving to another Nordic country, the move only needs to be reported in the country you are moving to.

More information here.

Be sure to list the names of all family members on your mailbox so that important documents will get to you.