Tax Deduction Card (Skattekort)

Everyone working in Norway must have a tax deduction card stating the amount of tax that their employer must deduct from their salary before it is paid to them.

Electronic Tax Deduction Card

  • One will not receive a tax deduction card on paper.
  • In December of each year, the Tax Office will send a letter (skattetrekksmeldingen) with information about the Tax Deduction Card for the next year. One will find information about the calculation of one’s taxes.
  • If one is en electronic-user, the letter will be received electronically on the Tax Office’s portal.
  • It is one’s responsibility to check that the calculation of the deduction of taxes is correct.
  • In case of incorrect information, one is able to change the tax deduction conditions electronically.
  • Employees do not need to give their employers a copy of the tax deduction card. Employers will receive it electronically automatically.
  • If one changes the conditions of the tax deduction card, the employer will be informed. This is to ensure that employers will always have access to the newest version of an employee’s tax deduction card.

In order to obtain a tax deduction card, one must report to a tax office and do the following:

  1. Produce valid identification (passport)
  2. Submit an application for a tax deduction card using form RF1209
  3. Document one’s income by presenting an employment contract or a written offer of employment. One must also show confirmation of an assignment in the case of assignments for manpower agencies, etc.

If one has worked in Norway before, one only needs to submit an application form to the local tax office.

Sign Up as an Online User

As an online user you can communicate with the public authorities and receive information, no matter where you are.

You will be notified by text message or e-mail when your tax return or tax settlement is ready, and other important information sent from the public offices.
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Be sure to list the names of all family members on your mailbox so that important documents will get to you.