Cost of Living in Norway

We get many questions from our customers on the standard of living in Norway and how much it costs to live here. This Reference Budget is a helpful tool to help newcomers to Norway estimate ordinary consumer expenditures for different types of households.

The reference budget presents the costs of maintaining a reasonable standard of living for the household of interest. A reasonable, or acceptable, standard of living assumes a consumption level that is generally accepted in Norwegian society. The level is intended to reflect the population’s perception of what a typical person or family should be able to consume if all adult household members participate in the workforce. It should neither reflect a luxury level nor be restricted to only cover basic needs. The consumption level allows for fulfilment of the public health and nutritional requirements and for satisfactory participation in the most common leisure activities.

The reference budget should mainly cover

  • everyday current expenses as well as less frequent expenditures
  • an acceptable level of consumption that should provide opportunities to participate in ordinary social activities
  • expenses associated with normal household functions.

The budget does not presume extensive use of special offers and seasonal sales.

The reference budget does not include expenses for

  • housing, electricity and other housing-related expenses (such as maintenance)
  • tobacco and alcohol
  • health services
  • leisure pursuits that require costly equipment
  • holiday travel
  • celebrations of special occasions, gifts
  • ‘clubbing’, night life.