Cost Savings Tips from Your Fellow Expats in Norway

Sticker shock? We have collected an entire list of tips from your fellow expats in Norway to help you keep costs down – read on to learn more!

Petrol and Diesel

“Petrol and diesel are cheapest on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings. Be sure to fill up your car then.”

“Sign up for customer rewards cards and/or credit cards which give you discounts on petrol and diesel. Examples include Coop and Trumf.”

“Join a car sharing collective and save all the costs of owning your own vehicle.”

Cars and Appliances

“Maintain cars and appliances regularly to avoid a large bill.”

Insurance, Bank loans, Electricity and Subscriptions

“Always shop around to find the cheapest insurance – get quotes from all the insurance companies. Having 3 or more insurance policies from the same company will entitle you to a discount.”

“Same goes for mobile phone, cable TV, internet subscriptions, electricity providers, interest rates on bank loans, vacations, etc – shop around for the best deals.”

“Turn down (not off!) your thermostat for heaters and underfloor heating when you are going away.”

Groceries and Meals

“Make your own meals instead of eating out.”

“International food stores, Rema1000 and Kiwi are consistently the cheapest for daily groceries.”

“Always have a shopping list and stick to it.

“Plan your meals, budget accordingly. Buy discounted items (especially non-perishables) in bulk.”

“Download Matttilbud to get updated on the latest offers from the grocery stores.”

“Try out generic brands (like First Price) of the grocery stores for items like diapers.”

“Drink tap water (it is perfectly safe!) rather than buying bottled water.”

“Sign up for customer rewards programs such as Trumf, Coop and the various rewards cards and clubs from shops, cafes and stores.”

Purchasing Items

“Check prices at Kelkoo and Prisjakt to find the cheapest price for the item you wish to purchase.”

“Wait for sales periods to purchase things (and purchase things a year in advance to get great deals – Christmas items after Christmas for the year after, winter/spring wear for the next season, etc).”

“Purchase alcohol at the duty-free store in the airport.”

“Buy and sell secondhand items. Norway has a pretty good culture for buying and selling secondhand items. FINN is one of the best places to look, as well as various buy/sell Facebook groups.”

“Sign up for customer rewards cards and/or credit cards which give you discounts. Examples include Coop, Trumf, Norwegian.

Leisure Activities

“Visit free attractions or purchase annual passes to attractions such as museums and play lands.

“Visit playgrounds of schools and kindergartens on weekends.”

“Check out the culture centres, local libraries and other organisations for events.”

“Go hiking and explore nature – it’s free!”

“Organise more home parties than nights out on the town!”

Benefits at Work

“Find out and make use of all the benefits that your work entitles you to – discounted gym memberships, cabin rentals, Norwegian lessons, etc.”