On 15th October, refleksdag is observed so as to encourage people to use reflective items on clothes and equipment (such as bicycles and kickscooters) so that they do not end up in an accident.

Trygg Trafikk observes this day in collaboration with Fremtind Forsikring. This day was started by Trygg Trafikk for the first time in 2006, and is always the third Thursday in October.

Are you among those who forget to put on reflective vests and items on yourself? Spend 5 minutes on refleksdag and attach reflective items to jackets, bags, bicycles, kickscooters, etc. It is a smart investment of your time. It is also possible to have clothes with reflectors sewn on. The more the better. Then you have one less thing to keep in mind in everyday life and you are safe in the dark.