Smoke Alarm Day

1st Dec every year marks “Smoke Alarm Day” here in Norway. The smoke alarm day is an annual campaign as the fire service all over the country wants everyone to check that they have working smoke alarms given that December is statistically the month with the highest number of house fires. Smoke alarms are mandatory in all homes. Not without reason: the smoke alarm gives you and the others in the home early warning if it starts to burn. Then you have the opportunity to get out before it’s too late.

Placed in the ceiling

A smoke alarm reacts faster if it is mounted on the ceiling and at least 50 cm from the wall. The rules for smoke alarms are the same in cabins and dormitories.

What kind of smoke alarms?

The fire service recommends optical smoke detectors that are connected in series. Smoke detectors connected in series can be connected without a cord. Then all the smoke alarms beep if there is a fire.

Who is responsible?

The owner of the home is responsible for installing smoke alarms. Those who live there are responsible for testing the smoke alarm and changing the battery regularly.

Light and vibration

Many of us have poor hearing. Then we can get aids that flash or vibrate in addition to making sound. For example, there is a special watch to wear on your arm that vibrates if the smoke alarm beeps.


You should test the battery in the smoke alarms at least once a month. You do this by pressing the test button. You should change the battery once a year or more often if the battery is low/empty. When the battery is low, the smoke detector starts making short faint beeps. The fire service recommends that you replace the smoke alarms after 10 years.