Grocery Shopping

If you are new to Norway, grocery shopping in Norway might be a daunting task – that alone is a cultural experience in itself. We help you decode it with a list of stores, food terms in Norwegian, supermarket etiquette and more!

These are the common grocery stores that you will find in Norway:

Quick Tips:

  • Find the closest grocery store: key in your address on and you can see a map of all the amenities in the area.
  • Kiwi and Rema 1000 are generally the cheapest for everyday items.
  • Meny/ HelgøMeny are more expensive but they have more imported items.
  • Check out our list Food Terms in Norwegian below so you know what you are looking for at the supermarket.
  • Learn about different cuts of meat and their Norwegian terms here.
  • One can find a list of all the various offers and discounts from this app Mattilbud.
  • You can download apps for most of the grocery stores (available on Apple Store and Google Play).
  • Look out for products with the green ‘keyhole’ – foods labelled with the keyhole symbol contain less fat, sugars and salt and more fibre than food products of the same type not carrying the symbol. More information here.
  • Recycling bins may be present in some stores, as well as bottle and can recycling machines. One can opt to donate the money or to receive a cash voucher which can be claimed at the cashier.
  • There may be drop off points for batteries and lightbulbs.
  • Bread slicer – most stores have one (usually located in or near the bread section). You will need to open the top of the bread machine, remove the bread loaf from its bag, set it in and close the lid. The machine will automatically start slicing the bread. You then collect the bread and set it on a metal plate above the lid. Bag your bread and you’re done! Remember to bring along the original packaging to the cashier for payment (sometimes, there are separate plastic bags available for keeping the bread in).
  • Some people might do their shopping in several shops based on what they need.

Supermarket etiquette

  • Trolleys usually available but sometimes a 10 kr coin is required to use it. There may also be children’s trolleys available and/or toy cars which may or may not require a 10 kr coin. You are able to retrieve your coin after usage.
  • For trolleys without coin deposits, please return the trolleys to collection points after shopping and refrain from simply leaving it in the parking lot. Also refrain from pushing the trolley home and just leaving it outside your home.
  • Grocery store cashiers are usually seated.
  • The customer is expected to bag their own groceries. You will be asked if you need a bag (pose?). In some supermarkets, the cashier will give you the plastic bags. In others, the plastic bags are available under the counter so you can pick the number of bags you need and put it on the counter.
  • Plastic bags are not free. People are encouraged to use reusable bags.
  • Some stores have electronic coin boxes where you have to insert coins and receive change from.

Food Terms in Norwegian

Below is a long list of ingredients, however it is not extensive. We hope that this helps in your grocery shopping and cooking.


buttermilk (fermented milk) kulturmelk / syrnet
buttermilk (traditional) kjernemelk
beer øl
bouillon, broth, meat stock kjøttbuljong
coffee kaffe
tea te
hot chocolate, cocoa kakao, varm sjokolade
ice, ice cube is, isbit, isterning
instant coffee pulverkaffe
juice saft, jus
lemon juice sitronsaft
milk melk
mineral water mineralvann
non-alcoholic beverage alkoholfri drikk
orange juice appelsinjus
soft drink brus
vegetable juice grønnsaksjus

Baking Products & Breads

baking powder bakepulver
baking soda natron
biscuit (savoury) kjeks
biscuit (sweet) småkake
bread brød
breadcrumbs brødsmuler, brødrasp, strøkavring
brown sugar brunt sukker
buttercream smørkrem
butterscotch fløtekaramell
cake kake
carrot cake gulrotkake
cheesecake ostekake
chocolate sjokolade
cinnamon roll, cinnamon bun kanelbolle
cocoa powder kakaopulver
cookie småkake
cream of tartar kremortartari, vinstein
dark chocolate,
bittersweet chocolate
mørk sjokolade
rye bread rugbrød
desiccated coconut kokosmasse
dry yeast tørrgjær
fresh yeast ferskgjær
gelatine, gelatin gelatin
gingerbread cookie pepperkake
ice cream iskrem, is
icing, frosting glassur
icing sugar melis
jam syltetøy
liquorice, licorice lakris
marzipan marsipan
milk chocolate melkesjokolade
pastry (sweet) kake, søtt bakverk
pasty, turnover (savoury) pirog, postei
peanut butter peanøttsmør
phyllo pastry, filo dough filodeig
pie pai
potato crisps, potato chips potetløv, \”potetgull\”
pudding pudding
puff pastry, pâte feuilletée butterdeig, smørdeig
shortcrust pastry, shortbread pastry, pâte brisée mørdeig
sugar sukker
sugar syrup, simple syrup sukkerlake
sweets, candies søtsaker, sukkertøy
sweet yeast bun, wheat bun bolle
toffee, cream toffee løtekaramell, toffee
vanilla sugar vaniljesukker
waffle vaffel
wheat bread hvetebrød
whipped cream pisket fløte, pisket krem
white chocolate hvit sjokolade
white sugar hvitt sukker
yeast gjær

Dairy, Fat, Oil

blue cheese blåmuggost
butter smør
cheese ost
clotted cream clotted cream, tykk fløte
cocoa butter kakaosmør
coconut butter kokosfett, \”delfiafett\”
condensed milk, sweetened sukret kondensert melk, kondensmelk
coffee cream
(9-13 %)
cooking cream
(10-20 %)
matfløte, matlagingsfløte
corn oil, maize oil maisolje
cottage cheese cottage cheese
cream fløte
cream cheese, fresh cheese kremost, ferskost
crème fraîche crème fraîche
deep-frying fat frityrfett
evaporated milk evaporert melk, usukret kondensert melk
extra-virgin olive oil ekstra jomfruolivenolje
fat fett
goat cheese geitost
goat milk geitmelk
lard smult
low-fat milk
(1-2 %)
margarine margarin
milk melk
oil olje
olive oil olivenolje
peanut oil, groundnut oil jordnøttolje
powdered milk, dehydrated milk melkepulver, tørrmelk
processed cheese smelteost
rapeseed oil,
\”canola oil\”
sesame oil sesamolje
skimmed milk
(< 0,2 %)
skummet melk
soured cream, sour cream rømme
soybean oil, soy oil soyabønneolje, soyaolje
soy milk soyamelk
sunflower oil solsikkeolje
whey myse
whipping cream
(35-38 %)
whole milk (3-4 %) helmelk
yogurt, yoghurt yoghurt

Fish & Shellfish

anchovy ansjos
Atlantic cod (atlantisk) torsk, atlanterhavstorsk
Atlantic common crab taskekrabbe
carp karpe
catfish, wolf-fish steinbit
caviar kaviar
clam sandskjell
cod torsk
cod liver oil tran, torskeleverolje
crab krabbe
crayfish, crawfish ferskvannskreps, edelkreps
eel ål
fish fisk
fish finger, fish stick fiskepinne
flounder skrubbe
haddock hyse
halibut kveite
herring sild
king crab,
Kamchatka crab
kongekrabbe, kamtsjatkakrabb
lobster hummer
mackerel makrell
northern shrimp,
deep-water shrimp
octopus blekksprutt
oyster østers
Littorina littorea
pickled herring, marinated herring
sursild, kryddersild, marinert sild
prawn reke
rainbow trout regnbueørret
river trout, stream trout bekkørret
salmon laks
sardine, pilchard sardin
scampi, Norway lobster sjøkreps
sea bass havabbor
seafood sjømat
sea trout sjøørret
shellfish skalldyr
shrimp reke
smoked salmon røkelaks, røkt laks
squid akkar
swordfish sverdfisk
tiger prawn tigerreke
trout ørret
tuna tunfisk

Fruits & Vegetables

apple eple
apricot aprikos
avocado avocado
banana banan
berry bær
blackcurrant solbær
blueberry, highbush blueberry amerikansk hageblåbær
boysenberry boysenbær
cherry kirsebær
citron cedrat, sukatsitron
cloudberry multebær
coconut kokosnøtt
cranberry tranebær
date daddel
fig fiken
fruit, fruits frukt, frukter
grape vindrue, drue
grapefruit grapefrukt
honeydew melon honningmelon
kiwi kiwi
lemon sitron
lime lime
mandarin orange mandarin
mango mango
melon melon
mulberry morbær
nectarine nektarin
orange appelsin
papaya papaya
passion fruit pasjonsfrukt
peach fersken
pear pære
pineapple ananas
plum plomme
pomegranate granateple
raisin rosin
raspberry bringebær
red currant rips
rhubarb rabarbra
strawberry jordbær
tomato tomat
watermelon vannmelon
artichoke kronärtskocka
arugula, rocket senapskål, rucola
asparagus sparris
aubergine, eggplant eggplante, aubergine
bamboo shoot bambusskudd
bean bønne
beetroot, red beet rødbete
black-eyed pea, cowpea svartøyde bønne
bok choy, pak-choi sellerikål, pak choi
broccoli brokkoli
Brussels sprout rosenkål
butterhead lettuce (Boston, Bibb) hodesalat
button mushroom,
dyrket sjampinjong
cabbage kål
caper kapers
carrot gulrot
cauliflower blomkål
celery, stalk celery stangselleri, stilkselleri
chanterelle kantarell
chickpea, garbanzo kikert
chilli pepper chilipepper
chive, chives gressløk
corncob, maize cob maiskolbe
courgette, zucchini squash
cucumber agurk
fennel bulb,
finocchio fennel
fennikel, knollfennikel
garlic hvitløk
garlic chive, Chinese chive hvitløksgressløk, kinesisk gressløk
ginger ingefær
green bean grøn bønne
head lettuce, cabbage lettuce hodesalat
horned water chestnut, caltrop sjønøtt
iceberg lettuce issalat, isbergsalat
kale grønnkål
kidney bean, brown bean brun bønne
leek purreløk, purre
lentil linse
lettuce, leaf lettuce salat, bladsalat
lima bean, butter bean limabønne
maize, corn mais
mushroom sopp
olive oliven
onion løk
oyster mushroom østerssopp
parsnip pastinakk
pea ert
potato potet
pumpkin gresskar
radish reddik
red cabbage rødkål
red onion rødløk
romaine lettuce, cos lettuce bindsalat, romanosalat
root vegetable rotfrukt
rutabaga, swede kålrot
sauerkraut surkål
shallot sjalottløk
snow pea, sugar/snap pea (pod) sukkerert (ertebelg)
soybean soyabønne
spinach spinat
spring onion, scallion vårløk
squash squash
sweet pepper, bell pepper paprika
sweet potato søtpotet
vegetable grønnsak
water chestnut, Chinese vannkastanje,
watercress brønnkarse
white cabbage hvitkål
white onion salatløk

Spices & Dressings

allspice allehånde
anise anis
aniseed, anise seed anisfrø
balsamic vinegar balsamicoeddik
basil basilikum
bay leaf laurbærblad
black pepper svart pepper
bouillon cube, stock cube buljongterning
cardamom kardemomme
cayenne pepper cayennepepper
chamomile kamille, kamomille
chilli pepper chilipepper
cinnamon kanel
clove nellik, kryddernellik
coriander koriander
cumin spisskummen, spisskarve
curry karri
dill dill
eucalyptus eukalyptus
fennel fennikel
garlic hvitløk
garlic powder hvitløkspulver
ginger ingefær
golden syrup \”corn syrup\” lys sirup
honey honning
jasmine jasmin
lavender lavendel
lemon grass sitrongress
liquorice, licorice lakris
maple syrup lønnesirup
mayonnaise majones
mint mynte
molasses, dark sugar syrup (mørk) sirup
mustard powder sennepspulver
mustard (prepared) sennep
nutmeg muskatnøtt
oregano bergmynte, oregano
paprika powder paprikapulver
parsley persille
pepper pepper
peppermint peppermynte
poppy seed valmuefrø
raw sugar, raw cane sugar råsukker
red wine vinegar rødvinseddik
rosemary rosmarin
saffron safran
sage salvie
salad dressing salatdressing
salt salt
soy sauce soyasaus
spearmint grønnmynte
sugar sukker
tarragon estragon
thyme timian
tomato paste tomatpuré (konsentrert)
vanilla vanilje
vinegar, wine vinegar vineddik
white pepper hvit pepper
white wine vinegar hvitvinseddik

Grains & Nuts

acorn eikenøtt
almond mandel
barley bygg
black walnut svart valnøtt
bran kli
breakfast cereals (cold) frokostblanding
buckwheat bokhvete
cashew nut cashewnøtt
chestnut kastanje
coconut kokosnøtt
coffee bean kaffebønne
cornflour, cornstarch maisstivelse
corn flour, cornmeal (fine) maismel
couscous couscous
flaxseed, linseed linfrø
flour mel
macadamia nut macadamianøtt
maize, corn mais
muesli müsli, mysli
noodle, noodles nudel, nudler
oat flour, oatmeal havremel
oat, oats havre
pasta pasta
pecan nut pekannøtt
pine nut, pine kernel pinjekjerne
pistachio nut pistasjnøtt
porridge, cooked cerea grøt
potato flour, potato starch potetmel
quinoa perumelde, quinoa
rice ris
rice flour rismel
rolled oats, oat groats havregryn
seed frø
sesame seed sesamfrø
spelt spelt
sunflower seed solsikkefrø
walnut valnøtt
wheat hvete
wheat flour hvetemel
wheat germ hvetekim
whole wheat flour fullkornshvetemel, fullkornsmel
wild rice villris

Meats & Poultry

bacon bacon
bear bjørn
beef oksekjøtt
bison, American amerikansk bison
boar, hog råne
bone bein
boneless meat benfritt kjøtt
brisket, breast bibringe, bryststykke, bryst
broiler chicken broiler, slaktekylling
bull tyr
calf kalv
caribou karibu, nordamerikansk rein
chicken kylling
chuck høyrygg
cow ku
deer hjort
duck and
duck liver (foie gras de canard) andelever (foie gras de canard)
egg egg
elk, moose elg
fried egg speilegg
goat geitekjøtt
goose gås
ground beef malt oksekjøtt
ground lamb malt lammekjøtt
ground meat, minced meat kjøttdeig, karbonadedeig
ground pork malt svinekjøtt
hard-boiled egg hardkokt egg
horse hestekjøtt
meat juice sjy
kidney nyre
lamb lammekjøtt
liver lever
liver pâté leverpostei
liver sausage leverpølse
meatball kjøttkake, kjøttbolle
mutton fårekjøtt
ox okse
pheasant fasan
pig, swine svin, gris
pork flesk, svinekjøtt
quail vaktel
reindeer reinsdyrkjøtt
rib, ribs, spareribs ribbe, ribben, tynnribbe
sausage pølse
soft-boiled egg bløtkokt egg
steak biff
tenderloin indrefilet
turkey kalkun
veal kalvekjøtt
white-tailed deer hvithalehjort
wiener sausage, frankfurter, Knackwurst knakkpølse, wienerpølse