Kåkånomics Festival – Our CEO, Cynthia Myrnes, will be a member of the panel at this event

From Kåkånomics Festival: “An ‘expat’ is someone who has started a new life outside their home country in connection with their job. The organization Internations conducts surveys among its 12,000 expat members every year. In the latest survey, Norway performed exceptionally poorly. Norway is among the countries that have fallen the most in ranking since last year and is now in second last place.

There are reports of high prices that many cannot afford to live a
comfortable life. There is little to do, and career opportunities are limited. 

Norwegians are perceived as unwelcoming, and it is difficult to make
friends. 17% do not feel at home at all, more than twice the global average.
But to be fair, there are some things people are satisfied with – many
appreciate the political stability, clean air, and beautiful nature.

This is not pleasant reading, but at the same time, it’s probably not a
surprise either. To be completely honest, many locals can probably relate to
these descriptions.

Why is Norway dropping so drastically on the list? Should each of us
become more inclusive? Can companies and the workplace do more to include
expats? Maybe the Norwegian job market is too ‘safe’ and offers few
opportunities and low pay for ambitious immigrant workers? And how easy is it
for foreigners to enter the job market in the first place?

We have assembled a diverse panel to discuss Norway as a destination for

Our CEO, Cynthia Myrnes, will be a member of the panel at this event. Being a foreign national in Norway herself, she has encountered and successfully navigated all the challenges alluded to in the survey. She has not only adapted well to life in Norway but has also come to consider it her permanent residence. She has established a rewarding career, fulfilling family life, an engaging social circle, and a range of other enriching aspects that make Norway her cherished home.  

She has also spearheaded the establishment of a thriving community, comprising 21,000 members, for fellow foreigners who are newcomers to Stavanger. This community serves as an invaluable support network and a vital source of camaraderie for individuals facing similar challenges in their new Norwegian environment.