Operational Status and Protective Measures in Place in Relocation AS – Covid-19

Relocation AS is open for business, however the health and safety of our staff and their families remains our top priority and we have taken protective measures to prevent further spread and contamination of Covid-19 during this time.

As of 24th March 2020, the government has extended current measures til over Easter (through 13th April 2020) and implemented new ones:

  • In public spaces, people should keep at least one metre away from other people. When away from home, there should be no more than five people in a group – except for members of a family or the same household. Indoors, people should keep at least two metres away from one another, though this does not apply to family or household members.

Internal Precautions in Place

As of 12th March 2020, we have tightened our protective measures:

  • Increased hygienic measures at all locations
  • Cancel face-to-face meetings through 13th April 2020
  • To hold meetings by phone or video conferencing
  • To work from home where possible
  • No business travel until further notice
  • Employees are encouraged to reschedule their upcoming vacations and avoid journeys that are not strictly necessary (both domestic and international)
  • Employees are encouraged to keep a safe distance from all other people (at least 1-2 metres)
  • Avoid public transport where possible
  • Avoid places where one can easily get close to others
  • Avoid close contact with others.

Since Feb 2020, Relocation AS has put in place the following protective measures: 

  • Checking the updates of Norwegian Institute of Public Health daily and verifying latest data
  • Checking latest travel advisories and quarantine advisories
  • Updates to all employees regarding the spread of the disease and current status in the locations we cover
  • Twice daily updates on Relocation’s website on the current Cover-19 status in Norway
  • Keeping updated with and following policy changes of our clients with regards to their assignees and Covid-19.
  • Following the Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommendations for preventing the spread of the virus including hand hygiene, keeping a safe distance from people who are ill, and not sneezing or coughing on others or openly
  • We are working closely with our clients to identify assignees traveling from (or who have traveled to) heavily affected areas, and advising delaying trips where prudent.
  • Protocol for coordinators: 
    • Increased focus on washing of hands with soap regularly
    • Have anti-bacterial gel available for use when not able to wash hands
    • Have antibacterial wipes at hand and wipe down vehicle interior after each session with assignee
    • Detailed travel history for the last 14 days of incoming assignees are being recorded
    • Accurate logging of appointments with assignees and other parties to enable easy contact tracing if required
    • Report back to the office if they or an assignee feels unwell to assess risk and undertake further action
    • Report back to the office if family members and close friends of employees are unwell to assess risk and undertake further action
    • Refrain from hugging and shaking of hands

Recommendations to Clients

Relocation AS is working closely with our clients and assignees to keep them informed of the current situation as the information from the authorities is updated daily.

Requested Services offered to our Clients and Assignees:

  • Look-and-See consultation sessions over video conferencing for assignees who are not sure if they want to accept the job offer for Norway or not.
  • Intercultural training and/or Norwegian language lessons over video conferencing.
  • Starting on the immigration processes for new assignees starting work in April, May, June so as to ensure we are ready to hand in the documentation once the immigration offices open. As of 24.03.2020, we can now submit applications electronically for non-EU nationals.
  • Starting on the immigration renewal processes for assignees and their families whose residence permits expire in April, May June and July so as to ensure the documentation is ready for submission once the immigration offices open. As of 24.03.2020, we can now submit applications electronically for non-EU nationals.
  • Assisting clients and assignees with ad-hoc services during this time : grocery delivery for those in isolation, packing and shipping of belongings for those who cannot travel back to Norway, etc.
  • Starting on the home finding processes for new assignees starting work in April, May, June:
    • Needs Assessment
    • Housing Market Information
    • Home viewings – in collaboration with housing agents offering 360° virtual viewings of rental properties
    • Lease offer negotiation and lease agreement set up

Advice before travel (if you must travel)

Check what is covered by your travel insurance, including what applies if you become ill on your journey.

Each country may introduce measures and restrictions to prevent further transmission, e.g. transport restrictions, quarantine or other measures that can have consequences for travellers. Several countries and airports have introduced control measures to prevent infection, and travellers should be prepared to answer questions about their residency, health and have their temperature checked for fever.

Be sure to have documentation on you which proves you are a resident in Norway.

For EU nationals, documentation can be your registration certificate, work contract, rental contract, a confirmation from your employer, an access card/badge from your work place, a business card or other documentation that proves your residency in Norway.

For non-EU nationals, documentation includes your Norwegian residence card and/or UDI permit approval letter.

Consider the following before travel (if you must travel):

  • Risk of being infected while travelling (destination, duration, contact with other people)
  • Risk of travel restrictions, curfews, quarantine or other measures in the departure and arrival countries
  • Risk of capacity problems in the health service in the destination if you become ill
  • Risk of lack of possibilities for return travel or medical repatriation 
  • Risk of lack of insurance coverage if you travel against current travel advice
  • Risk of home isolation in Norway on your return.
  • Risk of not being able to work during the first 14 days after travel

Travellers belonging to risk groups should be vaccinated against seasonal influenza within 14 days of departure, as there are outbreaks of seasonal influenza several countries.

Advice during travel (if you must travel)

  • As with all infections, thorough hand washing with soap and water is an important preventative measure. Alcohol-based hand disinfection may be an option if hand-washing facilities are unavailable.
  • Avoid contact with sick people, especially those with symptoms of respiratory illness.
  • Avoid coughing on others, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and avoid travelling if you are ill.
  • Maintain social distancing.

Please contact us should you have any questions at post@relocation.no