Additional Services

At Relocation AS, we believe in making the relocation process as smooth as possible for our customers. We provide, but are not limited to, a range of additional services which can be included in your relocation package or ordered adhoc.

  • Airport Pick Up
  • Welcome Basket
  • Meet and Greet
  • Car Rental/Leasing/Purchase
  • Vehicle Import
  • Pet Relocation
  • Tenancy Management
  • Translation and Legalization Services
  • Cultural Orientation – Communication and Networking
  • Family and Partner Support
  • Storage

Airport Pick Up

We can arrange for the employee (and their partner/family) to be greeted at any major transport terminals, such as ferry ports and commercial airports. We will ensure that the employee and their partner/family are greeted on arrival and escorted to the vehicle. This assures that they will arrive at their destination, i.e. new home, hotel or serviced accommodation, with minimum hassle.

Welcome Basket

A welcome basket is highly recommended for the employee and family to give them a smooth start. The basket contains the necessary groceries for day 1, including leaflets with emergency numbers, public transportation and local information. This is especially pertinent when assignees arrive on Sundays or public holidays and the shops are closed.

Meet and Greet

We can provide an optional ‘Meet and Greet’ meeting upon arrival, which include the following services:

    • Welcome-pack with information booklets & maps
    • Quick introduction to Norwegian lifestyle and culture
    • Charting and explanation of services to follow

This is recommended for the first couple of days after arrival.

Car Rental/Leasing/Purchase

We can accompany your employees to several car dealerships and offer advice to ensure they make the best possible choice for themselves. We can also coordinate and provide quotes from various car dealers and assist in setting up contracts.

Vehicle Import

Relocation will coordinate and provide all necessary information for the employee to be able to import their vehicle.

Pet Relocation

Relocation will provide all necessary information for the employee to be able to relocate their beloved pet/s.

Tenancy Management

Relocation offers full housing administration and lease maintenance with support for the employee and family for any issues in the new property. 

Day-to-day administration combined with our own helpline for tenants is designed to ensure that formalities and practical issues after moving in are handled in a professional way. The Norwegian Tenancy Act regulates all lease contracts and our knowledge in this field allows us to give expert advice on responsibility issues and to prevent misunderstandings and complications.

A tenancy program starts after moving in and lasts throughout the lease period. It includes a 24/7 emergency helpline, responsibility and maintenance advice, rent adjustments, re-negotiations and extensions.

Translation and Legalization Services

We coordinate translation and legalisation services for all your employees’ relocation paperwork and information requirements.

Cultural Orientation – Communication and Networking

We can assist with courses in cultural orientation.

Family and Partner Support

We can provide advice and assistance for the employee’s family and partner in relation to jobs, recreation, education, etc.


Relocation AS can assist with rental of storage for the employee’s belongings.