Departure Services

When the assignment in Norway comes to an end, our team will assist with the formalities so the assignee can focus on new business elsewhere. The rental property may have a notice period that extends beyond the departure date. It is a fine balance to keep the house and property up to a show-ability standard and at the same time prepare for a move. This is a situation that requires flexibility from all parties. We will assist with:

  • Lease Termination
  • Utility disconnection
  • Move Out Assistance
  • De-Registration

Lease Termination

We terminate the lease agreement, arrange professional cleaning, conduct the handover of the property with the house owner, transfer electricity subscriptions and negotiate any dilapidations. If required, we will arrange for an independent appraiser for final settlement of claims.

Utility Disconnection

For telephone, Cable TV, satellite and Internet subscriptions, we can assist with cancellation/deactivation of subscriptions and return of equipment (where applicable).

Move Out Assistance

We organise for a moving company and perform a property and inventory check.


We assist the assignee and family to de-register with official authorities, notify the post office of the move and inform regarding all necessary departure procedures.