Orientation/Area Tour

A pre-move visit’s purpose may be to get a better idea of the new city, find permanent housing, visit the school or simply a trip to decide whether or not to accept an assignment/work contract. An orientation program after settling can be to assist the the employee and family to get their daily life organized. All programs are tailored to meet the needs of relocating employees and family and corporate policies.

An orientation program is designated to help beat the impact of the culture shock and to introduce the employee and their family to Norway society and culture.

This includes:

  • Orientation/Area Tour
  • Introduction to life in the city
  • General information on living in Norway
  • Way of life of Norwegians
  • Information kit
  • Specific information on the following:
    • Visas and Immigration
    • Settling in Services
    • Residential areas
    • Housing options
    • Schools/kindergartens/childcare
    • Social/Healthcare Services
    • Cultural Orientation
    • Driving in Norway
    • Sports and cultural facilities
    • Networking and social associations
    • Recreational activities
    • Main sights of city
    • Entertainment – cafes, nightlife, restaurants, cinemas, festivals, theatres, concerts
    • Shopping