Settling In Services

We can assist the employees with all the necessary procedures to get settled in in Norway. These services can be ordered as a package or individually. The services include, but are not limited to:

  • Local Registration
  • Tax Deduction Card Application
  • ID Check
  • Post Office Registration
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Healthcare – Signing up with a General Practitioner
  • Transfer in/out
  • Utility Connection
  • Driver’s License Exchange/Application
  • Mandatory tuberculosis check (for nationals of certain countries)
  • Child and family benefits

Local Registration

We can accompany the employee and their family to submit all necessary documents to the National Registry to obtain Norwegian Personal Numbers.

Tax Deduction Card Application 

We can accompany the employee and their family to submit all necessary documents to the tax registry for application of a tax deduction card.

ID check

We can accompany the employee and their family to submit all necessary documents to the tax registry to fulfil the requirements of the mandatory ID check for all foreigners.

Post Office Registration

After local registration is completed and the employee and their family have obtained their Norwegian Personal Numbers or D-numbers, we can assist with registering with the Post Office in order to ensure mail gets sent to the home address.

Bank account

We can assist the employee and their family to open a bank account at a Norwegian bank.

Health care –  Signing up with a General Practitioner

We can assist the employee and their family to get medical health cover in Norway and to register with a local GP, based on their individual needs.

Transfer in/out

Our team will assist the employee with getting settled into the new property and ensuring that the property is received in the condition that has been promised by the property owner.

Our team can also prepare a Condition, Safety & Quality report of the property at the beginning and end of an employee’s lease. We will accompany the employee’s inspection of a property, with the property owner or real estate agent. This ensures that the inventory is in accordance with the condition of the property and that all parties agree and sign the inspection checklist, thus removing the risk of claims on damages and safe return of deposits. We provide the employee with tenancy information and explanation of duties and rights in the rented property.

We will also provide the employee with necessary information regarding insurance for any personal inventory/ house content for their personal belongings.

Utility Connection

If telephone, Cable TV, satellite and Internet subscriptions cannot be negotiated to be included in the rent, we can assist with activating these subscriptions, and making sure they are in place so that your employees’ moves into their new homes go as smoothly as possible.

Driver’s License Exchange/ Application

We can provide information on rules and regulations related to Norwegian driver’s license, and will assist the employee to submit an application for exchange of driver`s license, if applicable, or to apply for a driver’s license, as well as put them in touch with an authorized driving school, if necessary.

Mandatory Tuberculosis Check (only for citizens of certain countries)

We can accompany the employee and the family for the mandatory tuberculosis check.

Child and Family Benefits

We can provide information and also assist in the application of child and family benefits which the employee and family are entitled to.