Added Value of a Global Mobility Expert

Some companies are hesitant to spend money on relocation services for their employees and expect the employees to organize and arrange the entire relocation process themselves. This will in most cases reduce morale and increase frustrations, putting a dark cloud over the employment relationship even before it begins. We see especially that if the trailing spouses/partners are not thriving in the new country, there is a high chance for the employees to terminate their employment quite quickly.

Expectation Management

Immigration Process and Local Registration

We prepare employees and their families for what they are to expect before, during and after their move to Norway. We explain the immigration application process and guide them through the local registration process. Our assistance during every step of the way ensures that the employees and their families have everything they require in place to be a fully functional resident of Norway, as soon as possible after arrival.

Home Finding

We go through the entire home finding process with them and highlight the possible challenges of the Norwegian rental market. We fully assist with the drafting of the lease offer and lease agreement, as well as handle the negotiation process with the house owners on your employee’s behalf. We also accompany them when they take over their rental property, and prepare a move-in condition report of the property to prevent unreasonable dilapidation claims upon move out.

Look and See Trip / Pre-Visit

Many companies opt to provide their employees and their families with a ‘Look and See’ trip (also known as a Pre-Visit) to Norway prior to the actual employment start with the main goal to have all practicalities in place before the employee actually starts work. We can organize a home finding program, settling-in orientation, school and daycare visits and more, ensuring that when your employee and their family returns for the actual employment start date, everything is in place.

Some companies engage us to provide a consultation session for potential candidates to learn more about moving to and living in Norway before they accept the job offer. During this session, we can ease their possible concerns thus equipping he potential candidates and their families to make an informed decision of whether to accept the job or not.

Some of Our Other Services

We also provide settling-in orientation sessions, language and intercultural training sessions to ensure your employees and their families adjust to the new culture and language in no time.

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